Olympic Qualification Round Up

Posted 18/12/15

African Open, Port Louis, Mauritus
The first leg of the tour wielded some strong results.
Nathon Burns under 66kg Silver. Nathon was convincing all the way through the rounds winning by ippon and a wazari. He lost to the Canadian Patrick Gagne as he was winning by wazari, he made an error and got caught on the ground.
Danny Williams under 73kgs 5th place.
Danny had some tough fights, especially against the Azerbaijani  and then [...]

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Senior British Trials 2015

Posted 17/12/15

Laure Fournier under 57kg Gold
Aaron Turner under 73kg Silver
Andrew Melbourne under 100 Silver
Andrew Panayi under 66kg 5th Place
Well done everyone who competed!

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Mini CJC Warriors excel at British Trials

Posted 07/12/15

Pre Cadet Girls
-52kg Ellie Kirby - Bronze
-63kg Phoenix Govey-Gray - 5th

Pre Cadet Boys
-42kg Tom Kirk - Bronze
-46kg Robyn Lynch (Won 2 Lost 2)
-60kg Joseph Mitchell - 5th
Cadet Boys
-46kg Oakley Boocock (Lost 2)
-55kg Ben Baxter (Lost 2)
-60kg Oliver Baldwin (Won 1 Lost 2)
-66kg Oliver Penny (Won 1 Lost 2)
-73kg Cameron Charles - Bronze
-73kg Tom Lichter (Won 1 Lost 2)
Well done to our Mini [...]

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Welsh Open Results


Jack Barnes (fighting fitness)Gold medal under 66kgs Junior Division
Sarah Hill Gold Medal under 70 Junior Division
Kieran Davin 7th place in Junior and Seniors
Well done!

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