Beginner/Intermediate Judo

Beginner/Intermediate Judo

Beginner Judo

At Camberley Judo Club we take children on from the age of 5 years old. Children begin judo for a variety of reasons. Judo gives kids a confidence in their physical health and ability, they learn a belief in their own concentration and perseverance and the value of  patience and practice. Judo teaches children to respect themselves and others for in judo without a partner there is no practice. Most of all learning judo is FUN and challenging and often can lead to a sport for life.

Intermediate Judo

Our intermediate classes are tailored for those juniors who have completed beginners courses and are looking to continue their judo training. This level links beginners up to the age of 12 to the advanced junior class. The emphasis in these classes is fun and technical development up to the level that children can move on to the more advanced junior classes. Intermediate judoka at  Camberley can train up to four times weekly. Please see the class times below.

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Tuesday4.30-5.15 Beginner 5+ age5.15-6pm Intermediate Junior Technique

6-7pm-Intermediate Junior Randori



4.15-5.00pm beginner 5+ age

5-5.45pm Intermediate Junior Technique

5.45-6.45pm-Intermediate Junior Randori


Natalie Hall- UKCC Level Two- Beginner and Intermediate coach



Carly Dixon- UKCC Level One-Mini Judo 5 & 6 year olds coach

 Monday5.30-6pm-Mini Judo 5-6 yrs


Please e-mail for further information on classes for Beginners and Intermediate level.