CJC finish 2014 on a high!

Posted 16/12/14

Two tough weekends spent in Sheffield saw CJC return home for the last time in 2014 with another 8 medals to finish the year.
Last weekend was the chance of the younger fighters to shine in the Pre-cadet  and Cadet Nationals. There were some outstanding performances from the up and coming CJC warriors. In the Pre-cadets Cameron [...]

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CJC 10% discount at Gravity Force

Posted 10/12/14

Discount cards will be available at Judo Club office very soon!
Terms and Conditions – Club Partnership.
-          10% off Monday to Friday on Free Jump sessions
-          A valid voucher or voucher business card must be shown and within the expiry date to be valid
-          Socks are not included – they are a one off payment [...]

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